• Get Finance to USE your$ 20K Asset Depreciation B4June 30 for what your Business needs now

    iCONNECT Finance Brokers – Double Bay We DO connect with your needs - give us a try - 40 Lender Panel for Asset & Vehicle Finance , Property Mortgages (...

  • SMEA Members - 30% Discount - Tailored, Delivered Staff Cyber Risk Awareness Session

    The first and best line of defence for businesses to protect themselves from ransom-ware and phishing and related social engineering scams is well informed and aware employees. The reality is,...

  • [Free] Business Planning E-Book

    ![]( "") Would your business benefit if you could save two hours a day simply by taking ten minutes to plan? If so, I recently finished writing an e-book and...

  • Get a free snapshot review of your online presence from E-Web Marketing!

    Your customers are talking about you. Make sure you're listening. ![]( "") ** What is a Snapshot Report?** The Snapshot report is a peek into what your business looks like...

  • Get Great Rates on Car Rental - Discounts like a big Corporate!

    INTRODUCING THE EMERALD CLUB ![]( "") Welcome to The Emerald Club, a loyalty program where SMEA members receive the following:- · EXCLUSIVE RATES on our all inclusive Corporate package. ·...

  • [CLOSED] - FREE WEBINAR “The five most powerful retention strategies”

    Michael Page SME recruitment webinar “The five most powerful retention strategies” February 22nd, 2017 Time: 2 pm to 2:45 pm You spent months on hiring a new employee. You get...

  • SMEA Member Offer: Save your business THOUSANDS with the Great Managers Academy

    The research shows that more than **70% of employees in Australia are not engaged at work**, which means they’re not working to their full capacity. This is costing your business...

  • Outsourcing Services - Free Consult & 25% Off Set-up Costs

    Business process outsourcing - What does it really mean; how does it work; what are the real risks; and, what are the savings. Answering these questions is often the first...

  • Have you made your Marketplace offer yet?

    Your commitment to the SMEA Community is greatly appreciated. We have a small favour to ask. It would be great to see you take advantage of the Marketplace and POST...

  • SMEA Member Exclusive Offer – Free Backup and Recovery Audit

    Nearly 1 in 3 Australian SME’s are subjected to some form of cyber-attack each year, and the pace of attacks is increasing. The costs to the business can range from...

  • FREE SME recruitment Webinar

    Small and medium businesses compete in the war for talent every single day, but over 80% are not completely satisfied with their current recruiting approach. Does this sound familiar? Join...

  • Personal and Business Coaching

    It goes without saying that top sportspeople have coaches to help them achieve their goals. Have you ever heard of an Olympian not having one or more coaches to ensure...

  • Business Succession and Exit planning - 90 minute review with Succession Plus partner.

    Catch up with your local Succession Plus partner ( who are all experienced and qualified experts in the area of Business Succession and Exit planning ) - have a confidential...

  • Sydney CBD Office Space and Meeting Rooms.

    SME Village is offering all SME Association members the opportunity to use any of our facilities or services half price!

  • Credit Advice- Does Your Business Need a Review?

    Hello, We are glad to become a member of this community. Our Managing Director, John Macalyk has 30 years experience in Commercial and Residential Finance. We would like to offer...

  • Free Grant and Tax Incentive Eligibility Assessment

    * Receive a complimentary Grant Eligibility Assessment * Be guided through the Grant and Incentive application process * Be supported to maximise business growth when using the Grant Hanrick Curran...

  • SMEA OFFER - Hiring Staff? Never pay for job ads again!

    We believe that paying for job ads is ridiculous. Why should you pay $300+ to post a do-it-all-yourself job ad? Now you can hire using Australia's largest connected network of...

  • No Longer Available - [Free] Business Building Workshop (Homebush)

    As you may know, I have been running a free event for the last 5 years called [Business Fast Track]( "Business Fast Track"). Through this event I have personally trained...

  • The SMEA Marketplace offers community members a platform for true commercial exchange.

  • The ability for VIP members to promote their business through commercial offers that provide monetary value to themselves and other members of the community is a market-leading initiative.

  • The marketplace drives lead generation for SMEA members and adds measurable value to their bottom line.

  • Capitalising on SEO opportunities the marketplace is an open page where anyone browsing the community can review offers being made and accepted by members of the community.

  • Drawing in a pool of new opportunities, members of the public can accept an offer made on the noticeboard by joining the community for free.

  • Access to promote offers is restricted exclusively to full members of the SMEA (VIP Community members) enhancing the already outstanding value offered by SMEA membership.

  • Aligning the values of SMEA and the community, the marketplace offers a space for community members to develop long lasting mutually beneficial commercial relationships with individuals who share their passion and drive for doing business well.


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