Social Media Boost for Association Members

We’re keen to feature more information about the association’s members on our social media channels. So please send us your announcements, good news stories, ideas and articles. We will, of course, also be featuring news about the activities of the SME Association itself.

The provision of business intelligence will be another important feature of our social media activity. Cutting edge information, new developments, pertinent publications and even some quirky items will all be included. Most importantly, we want your feedback on these items, so that we can build the collective knowledge of the association’s members.

As well as helping to grow relationships, opportunities and knowledge, another objective is to build the search ranking for your own business website. With social media becoming an increasingly important factor in how search engines rank websites, regular mentions on the Association’s authoritative social media channels are sure to help in this area.

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Use the association’s registered hashtag (#smeassn) in your own social media updates.

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