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Print Posted by Succession Plus Posted on 13/11/2017 in Networking

5 Tips to Maximise Your Time at Business Networking Events

5 Tips to Maximise Your Time at Business Networking Events

Business networking events can be a great way to build contacts, find clients and recruit talent, if you are strategic with your approach. Here are five tips to help you maximise your time at any business networking event.

1. Meet the Speaker.

Quite often the featured speaker is one of the best-connected people in the room at a networking event. It doesn’t take long, but try to get a quick 90 seconds of face time with him or her to introduce yourself (make sure you have your elevator pitch), thank him/her for insights on [insert specific valuable takeaway], and ask to connect on LinkedIn to stay in touch, even if the speaker has already provided his or her contact info.

2. Know your wing man and use him/her wisely.

Here is another great use for the buddy system. Make sure you have a friend or colleague there with you to work the room. This person, if used wisely, can double your chances of getting the introductions you need and also help you bow out of stale conversations gracefully. Going solo? Arrive early and introduce yourself to someone before the official program begins. Learn who they are and why they are attending – with any luck you’ll be able to use this information for the following 2 tips.

3. Make a mutual connection.

Networking is all about building strong connections; and what better way to double the strength of your network than to introduce people to your existing connections? Achieving this goal requires active listening when you meet someone new. Make efforts to remember names, find someone’s purpose (for attending, or being in business as examples), and think about who else might benefit from meeting this new connection.

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Craig West

Craig West

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