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Print Posted by SMEA Posted on 11/10/2017 in Culture

Teams. Essential to Success

Teams. Essential to Success

A recent Forbes quote of the day from Martine Rothblatt, Founder of United Therapeutics and Sirius, said:

“Anything worthwhile in life requires teamwork, and you cannot manage what you don’t understand.”

It seems very obvious. Teamwork helps you achieve your goals. Particularly in a workplace. Teamwork gets things done. Without the team working as a collective, each bringing their own unique skills, accomplishing your outcome is often much, much harder. Where people work against each other within the team, achieving that outcome is difficult. Anyone who has ever watched a team sporting match can tell you that. Its application in the workplace is the same.

Also the same is the effective management of that team. As Rothblatt stated, “you cannot manage what you don’t understand”. Where the manager and leadership of the team does not understand the team, the ability to work successfully as a collective is greatly impacted.

The way in which the team works as a whole to the common goal set by their manager and to the wider business, is critical. The team must be able to operate individually as well as a whole. The overall success of the team is determined as to how successful the team works.

In the post, 6 Ways to Build Winning Teams, ActionCoach outlines how to build and lead a winning team. The overall focus is to empower the team from the top down and provide the culture for which they can thrive. Being effective from a management level ensures that you don’t go down the wrong path and keeps the team focussed and on track.

In any good business there are good teams. Made up of individuals who bring their own skillset, ideas (good and bad) and work ethics to the table. As a leader, it is your job to harness that individuality and channel it to the collective good of the team and the business.

The old cliché that there is no “I” in Team still holds some validity. But it also negates the respect individuality brings to the team also. Check out There Is No "I" in Team - Debating the Value of the Management Cliché from The Balance for a good article on whether this still holds true or not. What is clear though, is that without effective teamwork your business will suffer.

And without effective management the team will suffer. They go hand in hand. So ask yourself, when your team is not working effectively, is it the team or is the management? Knowing where to look for the issue, will help you solve it and not just mask the problem.

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